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FREE Site Evaluation

Looking at a site? We’ll analyze the site’s traffic flow patterns, traffic directions, social composition of surrounding area, among other factors.

FREE CAD Site Layout

Have building plans? Looking to take over operations of an existing business? We’ll evaluate the site layout to ensure its laid out to maximize profits.

FREE Brand Discovery Session

Get a clearer idea of what you want your brand to represent: look & feel, positioning, and messaging. Brand discovery saves you time and money in the long run.

FREE Online Presence Assessment

Change to Online Business Presence Assessment Does your wash make a good first impression on-line? Can people find it? Learn if your business is digitally easy-to-find or digitally disastrous.

FREE SLAM Marketing Consultation

A marketing company developed by car wash professionals. Discuss ways to gain more customers, sell more top wash packages and grow your unlimited memberships.

FREE Equipment Consultation

We’ll work with you to provide the best recommendation on equipment given the size and location of your site, as well as your budget and goals.

FREE Vacuum Consultation

Looking to replace an existing vac system or optimize the equipment you have? Each vacuum consultation focuses on understanding your situation and determining the best layout to fit into your operation.

FREE Controls Demo: POS, LPR and Backoffice

Trying to determine which controls solution is best for your business management? Speak with our controls team to learn more about the latest controls technology.

FREE Signage / Lighting Consultation

Create the signage and lighting plan for a car wash experience that is second to none. Learn what’s possible within your budget!

FREE Custom Spare Parts Kit Setup

How do you determine which spare parts are critical? Our car wash experts can help build the list so you’re assured uninterrupted car wash operations. Set-up a call with us to develop a critical spare parts list specific to your wash.

FREE Ceramic / Chemistry Evaluation

Deliver clean, dry, shiny vehicles at a profit. We’ll assess your current chemistry and recommend improvement options so you can manage your cost more efficiently.

FREE College Consultation

CarWash College counselors here to answer your questions. Investors take this opportunity to learn more about the new investor seminar. Operators take the opportunity to learn how you can train you and your staff in multi-site management, maintenance and repair.

FREE OneWash™ Membership Evaluation

Free ground shipping, free college courses, free SYNC online assessment … Interested in learning more? Our One Wash members have unlimited access to the industry’s only complete suite of car wash business solutions with benefits. Set up a call to speak with a OneWash consultant.